Vision And Mission

Our Visions

Safe, Sustainable and advanced transportation.

Our Mission

Developing transportation means and ensuring its effectiveness to contribute on society's happiness through providing sustainable high quality transportation services.

Our Values

  • Responsibility: Commitment to assume and use all powers, and efficiently contribute to the sustainability of institutional performance.
  • Transparency: To adopt the approach of clarity in transactions within the Authority with the stakeholders, including the employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the public.
  • Team spirit: Team work in the spirit of one team to carry out our duties in accomplishment of the corporate objectives.
  • Wellness & Innovation: To support the spirit of creativity and innovation by creating an environment promoting wellness among the stakeholders based on their expectations and support of innovation by submitting suggestions and ideas to improve the work environment and institutional performance hence improving the services provided to the customers and the public.
  • Integrity & Respect: To promote the principle of respect so that it would be reflected on their actions and present a good image to the stakeholders.

Strategic Map

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