The Transport Authority welcomes communication and fruitful interaction with the public and their involvement in decision-making and provides the latest digital participation tools to ensure the provision of effective communication platforms that allow building a meaningful dialogue with the public and customers, and ensure public interaction and communication with the various topics raised by the authority, which helps us achieve our vision and strategic goals.

As digital participation allows the public to contribute to the decision-making process through their suggestions and observations and express their opinions using technology and digital participation tools, which have a significant impact on achieving the objectives of the authority. For this reason, the authority has provided various electronic communication channels with customers to obtain their opinions and suggestions, based on its keenness to enhance transparency in communication, which contributes to improving the quality of service provision and thus raising the level of customer satisfaction and achieving their happiness.

The channels available for digital participation are all social media channels of the Transport Authority, the official website of the Transport Authority, the suggestions portal, and opinion polls.

Evacuation responsibilaty: All opinions and comments posted by the public on any of the Transport Authority's digital participation channels are only personal views and do not in any way reflect the authority's position.

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