About authority

Transport Authority is considered as one of the thriving institutions of Ajman Government. It has effectively contributed to building the transport and communication infrastructure at the Emirate of Ajman. Transport Authority was able to achieve many accomplishments in this field. Moreover, the Authority continuously concludes numerous important agreements in the field of transport with various UAE Roads and Transport Authorities, effectively contributing to the development of service provided to the public.


Transport Authority was incorporated by virtue of Emiri Decree No.(4) of 2005 concerning regulation of the transport sector in the Emirate. The Decree stipulated that the Authority head office shall be in the Emirate of Ajman.

The Authority was incorporated following perusal of the studies and recommendations provided in connection with the conditions of buses and taxis and the pressing need for improvement of Roads and Transport services to cater for the increasing demand by the residents of Ajman and its visitors from other Emirates, GCC countries, Arab countries and tourists from all over the world.

The Authority endeavors to realize the objectives set by the government for the Emirate within its field of work, which are focused on the diversification and improvement of the public transport and communication means hence establishing an interconnection between the infrastructure elements and the residential communities of the Emirate. Moreover, the Authority seeks to improve the quality of the transport network and services provided to the residents.

The Authority Nature of Business

Transport Authority seeks to diversify and improve public transport and communication means and also to realize an interconnection between the infrastructure elements and the residential communities in order to ensure a better living environment in fulfillment of Ajman 2021 Vision by providing sustainable high quality transport services and promoting the institutional control over various transport sectors at the Emirate.

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