Public Transport

1 Stations that the bus passes outside Ajman

  • Abu Dhabi (Main Bus Station)
  • Dubai (Alrashidiya Station)
  • Sharjah (Rolla Station - Jubail Station)
  • Ras Al Khaimah (Al Hamra Bus Station)


1 What is Route Ajman App?

Route Ajman is a smart application dedicated to work in the Emirate of Ajman, which provides Ajman residents and visitors with a fast and reliable application to request the means of transportation provided by the Authority. Through the application, the customer can book a variety of vehicles as desired and will be provided with safe and fast trips across the Emirate of Ajman.
The following vehicles are available in the app:
  1. Taxis with capacity of (4-7 passengers)
  2. Limousines
Download the App:

2 How are taxis booked through the Route App?

The tracking system determines the nearest vehicle to you through location coordinates, obtains a vacant vehicle, selects it and sends it to your pick up location.

3 Is it possible to cancel a taxi request through the application?

Yes, you can cancel the request through the application, with the importance of making sure that the cancellation is not repeated randomly, which may cause the account to be frozen. 

4 How can I log in the App?

When logging in the Route App, the registration page will appear, which allows you to register your data in the account, where the user must enter the name and mobile number in order to facilitate communication between the driver and the user of a taxi. 

5 How can I book a taxi?

You can book through the Route App. and you will receive a text message. In addition, you can contact the call center of the Transport Authority on phone number 600599997

6 Can I request a bill for a vehicle that was used and requested on the road?

Yes, the trip bill can be obtained by providing the driver with the phone number and a text message will be sent to your phone

7 Can I get the bill for the trip I booked through the Route App.?

Yes, you can get the trip receipt by receiving a text message or through the My Trips option from the Route App.

8 How can I file a complaint related to taxis?

You can contact the Ajman Call Center - Government of Ajman on the phone number 80070 and the call center of the Transport Authority on the phone number 600599997. In addition, you can register the complaint on the website of the Transport Authority:
and provide all the relevant data. Then, the investigation procedures are initiated to take the necessary action, and the customer is contacted. In addition, the customer receives a text message so that closing complaints takes 6 working days 

9 What should the driver do if he finds lost items inside the taxi?

The drivers were qualified to deal with the lost items and hand them over to the companies operating the taxis, who in turn register the lost items in the relevant system.

10 How can I report the loss of personal items in a taxi?

You can contact the Transport Authority’s call center on phone number 600599997. In addition, you can contact Ajman Call Center - Government of Ajman on phone number 80070 and provide all trip details and a description of the lost items. After finding the items, you will be contacted to complete the necessary procedures for delivery.

11 Does the customer bear the value of the toll gate?

Yes, the customer bears the fees for crossing the toll gates

12 Can I book a women's taxi?

Yes, the service is provided through the call center of the Transport Authority on phone number: 600599997

13 Can I use a credit card for payment?

This option is now available inside the taxi only.

14 Are pets allowed to be transported inside the taxi?

No, pets are not allowed to be transported inside the taxi

15 How do I know the value of the trip?

You can find out the estimated value of the trip through the Route application by specifying the pick-up location and destination point

16 Did you know that there are surveillance cameras inside taxis in the Emirate of Ajman?

Taxis in the Emirate of Ajman are equipped with a monitoring system using surveillance cameras and smart systems to provide the highest levels of safety in vehicles and to ensure the quality of service provision.

17 Are the vehicles equipped with modern meters and maps and tracking system?

Yes, all taxis are equipped with modern meters and tracking systems that enable the driver to determine the desired route and destination.

18 Are there vehicles designated for people of determination?

Yes, there are vehicles designated and equipped for people of determination and for people with disabilities, and they are free for hospitals and government departments.
You can book through the call center on phone number 600599997

19 How can I rate taxi drivers?

Users can rate the driver at the end of the trip and can also add a note, if any, regarding the driver and vehicle.

Complaints and suggestions

1 Estimated time to close the suggestion?

Depends on the provided suggestion

2 Estimated time to close the complaint?

Around 5 work days

3 Provide a suggestion

Through the Corporation's website or call the hotline 600599997.

4 How to follow up or complain about the complaint?

Call the hotline 600599997 and give the complaint number sent by text message when filing the complaint.

5 How to complain?

Through the website or call the hotline 600599997 and give the vehicle number or driver's license card number.

General Questions

1 Working hours of Speed Center for Vehicle Inspection and Registration

From Sunday to Thursday, from 7:30 am to 09:00 pm

Friday Morning Duty , from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm

Friday Evening Duty , from 04:00 pm to 09:00 pm , For vehicle inspection service only

Saturday Duty , from 01:00 pm to 09:00 pm , For vehicle inspection service only

2 Applying for a job

Through the Corporation's website

3 Official hours of business

7:00 am to 3:00 pm from Monday to Friday

Permits and Irregularities Service

1 What are the initial approval service fees for obtaining a vehicle number?

  • Fees for each vehicle 100 AED
  • Urgent fee AED 100
  • A preview fee AED 100

2 What is the estimated time to approve on service request?

The approval on the service will takes about 2 working hours since its submission.

3 What are the locations to request for a service?

You can request for a service through the Corporation's website.

4 When can we request for a service?

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through digital services.

5 What are the required documents to issue school bus permits?

  • Commercial license of the school
  • Copy of vehicle ownership (from both sides)

6 Inquire about violations

Call the hotline 600599997, or come to the corporation's headquarters or via the website.

7 What are the channels of violations payment?

  • Al Ansari Exchange
  • Website
  • Federal Traffic System
  • NT Payment

Vehicle Rental Section

1 Bus reservation

Call the hotline 600599997

2 Inquire about prices of limousine reservation

Call the hotline 600599997

3 How to book a limousine؟

Call the hotline 600599997
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