Ajman Transport launches initiative " Stop for a while ... Maintain my Safety " for students, school buses' supervisor

Ajman Public Transportation Corporation (APTC) has launched an initiative dubbed "Stop for a while ... Maintain my Safety" for students and school bus supervisors.

The initiative, held in collaboration with Woodlem Park School, comes within the framework of efforts exerted to increase the awareness of students for the importance of school bus supervisors and its role in maintaining their safety.

The initiative aims at increasing the aware of supervisors with the need to comply with the regulations inside and outside the school bus. The event was attended by a number of employees of Ajman Transport and included several awareness programs and a number of entertainment activities and some plays performed by the students.

The initiative dealt with the effective role played by the supervisor in maintaining the safety of students and teaching them how to ascend and descend from the bus and how to pass the danger zone surrounding the school bus.

Sara Ahmed Al Hosani, Director of Department of Excellence and Transport Permits at (APTC), said that the ongoing awareness programs gives school bus supervisors with the necessary expertise and skills, mainly the corporation prioritizes the safety of our students who use school bus fleet.

The corporation always seeks to develop supervision services on school buses and enable supervisors to perform their duties professionally in a manner that ensures the safety of students, she said.

Several manuals, and gifts were distributed to students during the event and supervisors were provided with a "stop" sign to carry out their roles and perform their duties in line with the standards of efficiency, quality and professionalism.

The program was intensive for one day for supervisors and the students and will be organized in other schools, she concluded.

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